[Physics] Is reversible adiabatic process possible

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Is it possible to have reversible adiabatic process in practical?
because if it is a reversible process than we allowing it to exchange heat with surroundings. If it is in insulation than either we some external will conduct process or system will. if system itself itself is doing it than is temperature or some other thermodynamic parameter may change . Can anyone give me any example?

Best Answer

A process is said to be reversible if the system can be brought back to its initial state without leaving any changes in the surroundings, i.e, the system and the surroundings can be brought back to their initial states. There are no conditions on it concerning the existence of heat exchange, so there is no problem in having an adiabatic or a non adiabatic reversible process (theoretically).

However, in practice, reversible processes themselves are impossible. Just as a frictionless surface in mechanics and a wire with zero resistance in electricity, a reversible process is an ideal case used to simplify problems, but doesn't exist in reality.

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