[Physics] How does “space” expand?


According to Big Bang theory and The Red shift theory "space" is "expanding". Keeping this notion of "space" as physically something in and of itself(space -time did not exist before The Big Bang); what are the supposed theoretical answers for the omnidirectional expansion of this "fabric"–noting that no matter where you are in the universe "space" is expanding away from you??

Best Answer

Space itself was once concentrated in an infinitesimally small point. During the Bang of the Big Bang all distances between points got bigger. If you try to measure the expansion of the universe from any point you will draw the conclusion that the expansion started from that point. It seems that the expansion happened everywhere, and nowhere at the same time.

Think of it like this, if space itself was a tiny dot, then the bang happened in all space, its just that that tiny space is now a lot bigger.

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