[Physics] Gravity pull on objects accelerating towards the earth’s center


Accelerating away from a mass mitigates gravity's pull on the accelerating object. Would the same be true for an object accelerating towards the center of the mass?

Best Answer

No. It's not exactly the same.

When you're accelerating away from the massive object, the gravitational pull decreases - yes. But, you'll be under the influence of the field at whatever distance other than $\infty$. But in case of center of mass (assuming there's no other source nearby), you'll be pulled equally in all the directions (floating) which make you feel that you aren't affected by gravity. This is a different case. Because, you can be stretched into pieces if you're inside a sufficiently massive object.

So, it's better to pronounce this center of mass comically as a position of gravity balancing equilibrium..!

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