[Physics] Does an electron produces magnetic field in an atom

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I've been thinking that if a moving charge produces magnetic field then an electron moving around the nucleus of an atom must produce a magnetic field. And if it produces magnetic field then every matter in this universe must behave as a magnet or have some magnetic properties.

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Except for its intrinsic magnetic momentum related to its spin, an electron in an atomic orbital produces a magnetic field only if it possesses an orbital angular momentum, which also produces a magnetic moment. Note that the QM model of the atom also has orbitals without angular momentum, in contrast to the Bohr model. Thus , e.g., the lowest electron orbital of the hydrogen atom has no magnetic momentum and magnetic field.

Therefore, an electron "moving around in an atom" does not necessarily produce a magnetic field.

Note: Ferromagnetism is a solid state phenomenon related to the spin of the electron.

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