[Physics] Do any naked-eye stars have planets


Are there any known exoplanets around naked-eye stars? I know that Fomalhaut has a planet, and Vega has a dust belt that may be a protoplanetary disk or even analogous to our Kuiper belt. What else is out there orbiting naked-eye stars?

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I'm not going to list all the stars here but it's easy to compile such a list.

Wikipedia has a list of exoplanetary host stars. If you sort the table by ascending apparent magnitude and decide how bright "naked-eye stars" need to be, you can take as many as you like from the list by taking all the stars with smaller magnitudes. I think magnitude 6 is roughly the faintest that is visible with the naked eye but it varies with your location and conditions.

For example, the exoplanet hosts with magnitudes less than 4 are Pollux, $\alpha$ Arietis, $\gamma$ Leonis, $\gamma$ Cephei, $\iota$ Draconis, $\epsilon$ Tauri, $\epsilon$ Eridani, $\beta$ Pictoris and 7 Canis Majoris.

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