[Physics] Could a human run horizontally inside a Wall of Death

centrifugal force

A popular circus stunt is for a motorcycle rider to ride inside a bowl shaped depression called a "Wall of Death." The rider goes higher and higher up the wall until they are actually horizontal. I wonder if a human could do the same.

Best Answer

The speed you need (explained http://physics.mut.ac.th/PhysicsMagic/wall.htm)

$$ V^2 > R g/u $$

$v$ = the velocity (m/s)
$R$ = Radius of the pit (m)
$g$ = acceleration of gravity (9.8m/s^2)
$u$ = coeff of static friction

So if u is 1 (the maximum possible), and you are an olympic athlete that can run 100m in 10s
Then you apparently could with a radius of about 10m

$$ R = uV^2/g = 10^2/9.8 = 10m $$