[Physics] Calculating water flow as function of the height of water above the inlet pipe

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The Source of Water is Pond where the water level do change randomly. A pipeline of 200mm pipe diameter run for around 2500 m. The Height difference between the level of the inlet pipe and the level of the exit pipe is around 9m. In other word: Water need to run by gravity for 2500 m. Difference in height is 9m.

My question: How I could calculate the water volume/flow received at the exit pipe as function of the height of the water above the inlet pipe.

Ex: If the water in the Pond is covering the inlet pipe by say 10 cm, what is the expected flow at the exit pipe.

Best Answer

The difference in height (9 m vs. 9.01 m) is not significant.

According to this calculator, the water flow is 23.25 l/min.

Sorry, it is actually, 23.25 l/s.