[Physics] Are many-worlds and the multiverse really the same thing


Are many-worlds and the multiverse really the same thing?

Not too long ago, Susskind and Bousso uploaded the article "The Multiverse Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics" with the thesis that the many-worlds interpretation and the multiverse of eternal inflation are one and the same thing. The parallel worlds of one are exactly the same thing as the parallel worlds of the other.

First, they claim decoherence can't happen over a complete description of the future light-cone of the measurement. Then, they apply that principle to eternal inflation. Without decoherence, superpositions of nucleating bubbles and metastable vacua can't decohere. According to the anthropic principle, most bubbles have no conscious observers, but an exponentially small minority do. Apply black hole complementarity to causal horizons.

Then, somehow, in a way I can't follow, they combine causal diamond worlds into a global multiverse. Then they claim decoherence is reversible.

My head is spinning. What are your opinions on this paper?

Best Answer

No, they're not the same thing and the paper is meaningless pretty much at all levels, see


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