[Physics] a suitable book to learn general relativity for high school students?


I know all of special relativity but I also know it is not enough to study GR. The mathematics is very complex. I have “Spacetime and Geometry” by S. Caroll. He has described it GR well enough but I do not know some of the maths signs and symbols he uses. So what are the prerequisites I need to have in maths. Is there a book that covers those math topics? Or is ther a book on GR that is simple enough for me to understand? Please help.

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High school student here. I've tried reading Carroll as well, and I also found the math to be quite difficult. However, the good news is that not all of the math he introduces is necessary to understand the subject. It is possible to develop an intuitive understanding of GR without formal topology and differential geometry. For this, I recommend Hartle: https://www.amazon.com/Gravity-Introduction-Einsteins-General-Relativity/dp/0805386629. It's much more self-contained and accessible than Carroll. I learned about this book after I spent a year struggling through Carroll to learn GR, but I would have fared much better if I had started with this.

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