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data text file

I looked in many Answers, but I did not find someone with a similar problem. And I cannot see where I am doing the mistake.
I have raw data and I have to work in some parameters. I want to save these new results in a new .txt file. However, when I create the .txt file, the results of all parameters are horizontally distributed and not vertically.
I tried to write the parameters separately, but the same thing happened.
Data = importfile(filename);
xyz = table2array(Data(2:end,2:end)); %raw data

xyz = xyz/100;
Depth = table2array(Data(2:end,1)); %raw data
Depth = Depth + Elevation;
LAB = xyz2lab(xyz,'WhitePoint','d65');
T = [Depth, xyz, LAB]; %Matrix with new results
fileID = fopen('cl024_01.lab.txt','w');
fprintf(fileID,'Depth X Y Z L a b\n\n');
fmt = '%5f %5f %5f %5f %5f %5f %5f\r\n';
Thank you in advance!

Best Answer

This is probably due to Matlab being column-based, instead of row-based. This may result in counterintuitive results if you enter a matrix into fprintf. You should either transpose your T variable, or enter them separately:
%generally easier to understand: