MATLAB: Why do i get “invalid parameter list”


The problem…. I need to vary H that goes from 0 to 1 with 1000 points of discretion. Then calculate my moyenne (magnetization median) and plot it in function of H. All parameters are in my code. but it give me an error in the way i write my moyenne equation. See code
function moyenne=M(1-(1/sinh(J/2*kb*T).^4))^1/8;
Please help!!!

Best Answer

That's not proper syntax. You're trying to both call and declare a function simultaneously. You can't do that.
Try it this way
H = linspace(0, 1, 1000);
moyenne = M(1-(1 ./ sinh(J ./ 2*kb*T).^4)) .^ (1/8);
plot(H, moyenne)
I'm still not sure about that weird expression. Hopefully J or T or M has 1000 elements. If M is an array rather than some other function, then you need to make sure the expression inside is non-zero, non-negative, and non-fractional numbers. And I don't see how H is involved in any way in your expression for moyenne. So I still think it won't work until you define what things are properly.