MATLAB: Viewing Variable’s memory location content

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I would like to ask a question on variable display.
In C/C++, during debugging one can view variables directly at their memory location, and in most IDEs could you could choose display option (decimal, hex, binary, etc.).
Is it possible view variables like this in Matlab?
Does Matlab allow memory access? A little deeper: if Matlab is written in Java, does JVM, during bytecode execution, allow viewing memory location contents of variables?

Best Answer

Matlab is not written in Java.
You can display the memory location of arrays by:
format debug
In addtion you can call a C-Mex file, which allows full access of the underlying data structure. But this structure is not documented and subject to changes. You can look in the FEX submissions of James Tursa to learn more about this: FEX: Author James Tursa