MATLAB: Spacing strings using strcat and fprintf


I am attempting to create an output text file that uses a combination of character arrays, standard arrays, and cell arrays. The only suggestion I've been given is to use a combination of strcat to concatenate the string and then use fprintf to put into a text file. I am having trouble formatting the document to my liking and am very new to Matlab. If I did something similar to the example below, how would I use fprintf to format C such that I had desired spacing for all of the elements? :

Best Answer

You can use techniques similar to what I showed in this post. Construct a cell array, and any column of it that is not going to be pure numeric, convert the numerics to strings, slam everything together with an fprintf() that has %s for any column that is not pure numeric, and appropriate %d or %e or %f or %g format for any column that is pure numeric.
You can use %15s (or as appropriate for the number) to enforce that (at least) 15 characters will be printed for a string -- this allows you to control the width of the column and helps line up decimal places. Numeric formats can take widths as well.