MATLAB: Size() for images

image processingsize;

m = size(readImage1);
what does mean by the second line of the code ?

Best Answer

The size documentation tells us:
" d = size(X) returns the sizes of each dimension of array X in a vector, d, with ndims(X) elements."
You can also very easily try that line in order to find out what it does: load an image and try size and see what it outputs, like this:
>> X = imread('parula_0.png');
>> V = size(X)
V =
420 560 3
This tells us that my image (an array of numbers), is 420 pixels high and 560 pixels across, and contains 3 pages, one for each of R, G and B. It is worth noting that the syntax
[A,B] = size(X);
does NOT return the rows and columns of a 3D (e.g. image) array. Read the size documentation to know why.