MATLAB: Side-by-side Bar Graph Colors


Y = [-3,-2;2,1;1,-1;4,3;-1,4];
The above produces a graph with 5 X-axis ticks, each tick having 2 bars placed side by side. How can I specify the colors of each bar? That is, at each tick, I want the left bar to be a certain color and the right bar to be a certain color.
Thank you.

Best Answer

This works:
Y = [-3,-2;2,1;1,-1;4,3;-1,4];
hb = bar(Y);
hbc = get(hb, 'Children');
set(hbc{1}, 'FaceColor', 'r') % Red bars for first column
set(hbc{2}, 'FaceColor', 'g') % Green bars for first column