MATLAB: Saving 3D matrix from one loop


I have AF_Field_P that is 181X361 matrix, and I want Pp to be 1001X181X361, which means, I want to save all the values with different Xp. The output from this is only the last 181X361 matrix, which is for Xp = 1e3;
if true
% code
Xp = 20:1*Km;
Yp = 1*Km;
rho_p = sqrt(Xp.^2+Yp^2+HT^2);
FSPL_p = (4*pi*rho_p/lmda).^2; % Free Space Path Loss
for pp = 1:length(Xp)
Pp(pp) = (4*pi*abs(AF_Field_P).^2)/FSPL_p(pp);

Best Answer

Pp = zeros(length(Xp),length(size(AF_Field_P,1)),length(size(AF_Field_P,2)));
for pp = 1:length(Xp)
Pp(pp,:,:) = ...
With 3D matrix you need to address directly the dimension where you are saving the data, and then the other two. Note that the inizialization of Pp is not required, but matlab says that it is faster this way :)