MATLAB: Real time data acquisition


Im trying to acquire EMG signals real time using Arduino support package in simulink. I'm using analog Input block for data acquire. But I dont get data at the rate I wanted it to be. for example, for 1k sampling frequency I dont get expexted samples. futhur more, when the filters also added to the block, this becomes more slower and loss huge amount of data.Is there a way to make this process faster, so that i can obtain expected samples.

Best Answer

I tried to do exactly the same thing. This hardware stack is not able to provide the required sampling frequency. This issue related to some features of Arduino programming through MATLAB/Simulink. There is only one way to solve your task on this hardware - write code for Arduino manually and acquire data to MATLAB through the serial connection. And you should use DUE - one of the most powerful boards in Arduino family.
p.s. I migrated to Raspberry PI platform for this task.