MATLAB: Power spectral density of a signal

power spectral density

Hello I have EEG dataset in excel format with time and voltage values.I need to plot the power spectral density of the signal. I have loaded the excel file in Matlab and plotted the voltage vs time values. Now I need to calculate the power spectral density. Generally the frequency range of EEG signals between 0-30 Hz. Since I have only voltage and Time values, I do not know the frequency of my signal. I need to calculate Power spectral density Using FFT. I am including the code in matlab file and time voltage values of the signal in txt file for reference. Please suggest me.
dataset=xlsread('input signal.xlsx','sheet1','A1:B770');
t = dataset(:,1);
V = dataset(:,2);
X=[t V];
plot(X(:,1), X(:,2))
xlabel ('time');
title('original Signal');

Best Answer

I assume that your sampling is 1kHz(in practice), use the following code to see the psd of the signal:
semilogx(myPsd.Frequencies,myPsd.Data);grid on
You will see that between 0-30Hz, your signal has peaks. Hope this helps.
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