MATLAB: Plotting Symbolic Functions with Unknown Constants


I'm trying to plot the symbolic function y(x) = A*(e^B – 1)*sinh(C-x) + D*sinh(x) where A, B, C and D are unknown constants. Is there anyway that I can plot a function between x and y which includes the symbolic functions of A, B, C, D?
I have tried using 'syms' to create the symbolic functions of A, B, C and D. and then when I try using ezplot I get the error saying that I have more than 2 variables. If someone could help me with this that would be awesome !!!

Best Answer

No. You cannot plot a symbolic function. There are infinitely many possible functions in this family, and the family of functions has too many variables.
Were there ONE unknown parameter, you could plot some simple subset of the infinite family. Not with 4 unknowns.