MATLAB: Output argument not assigned during call error

modulation classification

I need your help . I am working on Modulation Classification and I found a matlab tutorial about it using CNN classification algorithm.
First I want to generate random data and waveform for each modulation type. I run the trainFirst.m and waveform.m , respectively. I have also getModulator.m, getSource.m and helperModClassFrameGenerator.m
But the erorr is : Output argument "src" (and maybe others) not assigned during call to "getSource"
error in waveform(line17)
src = getSource (modulationTypes(modType),sps,2*spf)
I didn't get this error.

Best Answer

In getSource.m, your switch block is missing an 'otherwise' clause,
switch modType
case {"BPSK","GFSK","CPFSK"}
M = 2;
src = @()randi([0 M-1],spf/sps,1);
case {"QPSK","PAM4"}
M = 4;
src = @()randi([0 M-1],spf/sps,1);
case "8PSK"
M = 8;
src = @()randi([0 M-1],spf/sps,1);
case "16QAM"
M = 16;
src = @()randi([0 M-1],spf/sps,1);
case "64QAM"
M = 64;
src = @()randi([0 M-1],spf/sps,1);
otherwise %<--- added
error("Unrecognized modType: "+modType);
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