MATLAB: “No public property string exists for class matlab.ui.​control.UI​Control.”

guiguideradio button

I'm trying to create a GUI in GUIDE with radio buttons and having never used radio buttons before and struggling to make any sense of the available help I am trying to just make a very basic placeholder script to confirm that the GUI is recognising my radio buttons.
% --- Executes when selected object is changed in uibuttongroup1.
function uibuttongroup1_SelectionChangedFcn(hObject, eventdata, handles)
% hObject handle to the selected object in uibuttongroup1
% eventdata reserved - to be defined in a future version of MATLAB
% handles structure with handles and user data (see GUIDATA)
h = guidata(gcbo);
handles.text21.string = 'boop';
guidata(gcbo, h);
text21 is my field on the GUI I am just using to test output from functions, its working fine with other features such as a listbox. When I do this, I get the error message in the heading, which remarkably gets no results at all on Google.
What I actually want to do is something which meaningfully refers to the selected button rather than just a token output when the selection is changed, how do I do that? Just outputting something associated with it to text21 would do to start with, I could work out the rest from there. This seems like the most basic thing you could possibly do with a radio button and yet I can't find that anywhere.

Best Answer

Have you tried
set(handles.text21, 'String', 'boop');
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