MATLAB: Matlab for commercial purposes.


Dear Sir, I would like to ask you the following. Can I use Matlab for business purposes? Which kind of licence shall I buy for it?
In my precise case, I am planning to prepare a website that provides services for the website members. Users are working with a specific GUI, that I can prepare in Ruby on Rails or PHP.
However, all the information they submit will be elaborated with Matlab. They will pay (i hope) for the output of the calculations the website offers them.
Is this possible? Under which license? Finally, can I copyright the algorithm or formula I prepare in Matlab?
Thanking you in advance for your reply,

Best Answer

The purpose of this user community is exchange about technical topics. While you may get answers for questions about license agreements and other business topics, you cannot rely on the information being correct. The only way to get reliable information is to contact Sales in your local MathWorks office or resellers.