MATLAB: Make first row of Formal Table bold

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Hello I have a Formal Table and I want the first row to be bold. I know you can make the first column bold with
grps(1) = TableColSpecGroup;
specs(1) = TableColSpec;
specs(1).Style = {Bold()};
grps(1).ColSpecs = specs;
mytab.ColSpecGroups = grps;
but I don't know how to the same thing with the rows… Can someone help me with this?
Thank you in advance!

Best Answer

Hi Jack,
I think you want the header row of the FormalTable to be bold.
Below example demostrates how to style the header first row as well as the first row of the table body.
import mlreportgen.dom.*
% Create a document
d = Document('output', 'pdf');
% Create a FormalTable with one header row and two body rows
t = FormalTable({'Col1', 'Col2'}, {'entry11', 'entry12'; 'entry21', 'entry22'});
t.Border = 'solid';
t.RowSep = 'solid';
t.ColSep = 'solid';
t.Width = '4in';
% Specify styles for the header first row
headerRow = t.Header.Children(1);
headerRow.Style = [headerRow.Style {Bold()}];
% Specify styles for the first row of table body
bodyFirstRow = t.Body.Children(1);
bodyFirstRow.Style = [bodyFirstRow.Style {Color('red')}];
% Append table to the document
% Close and view report
Hope this helps!