MATLAB: Lines in legend are missing


I have made a simple plot using the following code:
plot(CO2(3:end,1),CO2(3:end,2) - mean(CO2(3:end,2)))
hold on
plot(CO2(3:end,1), diff_CO2(2:end))
hold on
plot(CO2(3:end,1), diff(diff_CO2))
title('Global carbon dioxide emissions')
xlabel('Time in years')
ylabel('CO2 in parts per minute')
legend({'Demeaned series', '1st difference', '2nd difference'}, 'Location','northwest')
Everything is as it;s supposed to be, appart from the fact that the lines are missing in the legend. I have reinstalled the student version of 2019b so maybe it has to do with that. But anyone tips how to solve this?

Best Answer

This appears to be a problem with current AMD graphics card drivers.
The easiest solution seems to be:
and then:
See the documentation on opengl for a detailed discussion.
I intend to mention this to AMD, however if you also want to, please do!