MATLAB: Is there any function that similar like CELLFUN, for a TABLE Dataype

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Following my earlier thread "Modified the CELL'S column number into words", I had to change the data representation from CELL into TABLE type. However, this new changes make part of the code not working. In the earlier version of the code, the following lines were used to access parts of the cells that satisfying the three conditions.
valid = find(cellfun('isclass', at.PatData(:, 1), 'char') & ...
cellfun('isclass', at.PatData(:, 2), 'char') & ...
cellfun('isclass', at.PatData(:, 3), 'char'));
Since, the data was represent in a new form,TABLE type. Obviously, the above line is not working. Thus, I plan to change it accordingly. However, I am unable to find any build in function that similar to CELLFUN, for a table datatype. I do not know whether I use the wrong keyword or such function is in fact not available at all.
The complete code and mat file are attached together in this thread.
Thanks in advance

Best Answer

Dear all
Turn out, using TABLE type is more flexible and easier. The above problem was solved using
valid = find((at.sub.Condition == cond_Cond) & (at.sub.Shiftday == cond_SD) ); % work
Valindex = valid((strcmp(at.sub.ID(valid,1),cond_Sbj)));
For those new to table, please see Table.
Problem SOLVED