MATLAB: Is there a PWM block available in Simulink

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I wonder if there is a PWM block avaible in Simulink?
It needs to be a 10-bit PWM.
I want to transform a signal between 0 and 1023 to 1 and 0.
The time period needs be avaible to change if needed so. For example 1 second or 1 milli second.

Best Answer

There are so many options for the generation of PWM in MATLAB. Some are listed as below: 1. You can use a function generator and specify your time period. 2. You can generate a PWM signal by comparing a modulating and carrier signals 3. You can write a simple .m file code for PWM and can send the coding to the simulink using PWM generator There are so many PWM generation options available in MATLAB/Simulink 2016 b like SVPWM generator, 2 level/3 level/multi level PWM generators