MATLAB: Include an m file in a report

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I would like to be able to include code contained in an m-file in a pdf report created with the Report Generator. I know I can use 'publish', to do this but I want to make use of the other functionality of report. Is this possible?
import mlreportgen.dom.*
R = Report('test','pdf');
% add code from a separate M-file (eg 'script.m')

Best Answer

To display the contents of an M file in a Report Generator report, you can use an mlreportgen.dom.Text object to contain the text. Set the style of the Text object to look more like preformatted code:
import mlreportgen.dom.*
fileText = fileread('script.m');
textObj = Text(fileText);
% Set text object to preserve whitespace and use a monospace font
textObj.Style = {WhiteSpace('preserve'), FontFamily('Courier New')};
add(R, textObj);
Note: This will display the correct indentation in the M file, but will not display any syntax highlighting or evaluate code in the M file.