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Dear all,
I am reading data from a text file with the standard format:
Header-1 Header-2 Header-3 Header-4 Header-5
58.1 Inf 7.0000 0 0
59.1 Inf 7.0000 0 0
60.1 7.7090e+04 4.8870 1.297e-05 129.7
61.1 Inf 7.0000 0 0
In each file, there is one line for a file title, followed by a series of numerical data columns with a mixture of numerical formats (engineering, integer, inf etc.). Each data column has its own text header. The number of data columns is variable.
I would like to obtain each column header, preferably as a cell of strings, and then use strcmp() to confirm the identity of each column.
I have tried various methods such as textscan and fgetl. The closest I can get is a character array, but this does not distinguish individual column names:
fid = fopen('file.txt', 'r');
firstline = fgetl(fid);
secondline = fgetl(fid);
>> whos secondline
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes
l 1x104 208 char
Thanks in advance for the help!
Best regards,

Best Answer

Louis - why not try using importdata? Look for the example where there is a text file with column headers, and you should be able to do something similar
A = importdata('myFile.txt','\t',1);
The above assumes that all columns in your file are tab-delimited and that there is only one header row. A should be a structure with a field for the data and a field cell array of column headers.
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