MATLAB: How to write a matrix into a tab delimited .dat file with header

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I would like to ask you the following: I have a matrix (lets call it Output[]) with numbers (integ, decimal and bool) and I want to transform it into a tab delimited .dat file in a format that includes a *header *in the first line and also curly brackets in every row like the following:
Number of Output rows: 240 %this number will be actually assigned by the size of the matrix
{ 102 103 3.5 2.7 1 2.3 } %the spaces are actually tabs
{ 1223 305 8 9 3 0.5 }
{ 507 109 6.5 8.7 2 7.3 }
…and so on
Can somebody help me to do it with fprintf?
Thanks, Iro

Best Answer

fid = fopen('YourFile.dat', 'wt');
fprintf(fid, 'Number of Output rows: %d\n', size(Output,1));
fprintf(fid, '{\t%g\t%g\t%g\t%g\t%g\t%g\t}\n', Output.' );
Each \t represents a tab.
Notice the .' after Output. This is needed so that the output comes out by rows. (It works. Worry about why another time ;-) )