MATLAB: How to use set_param -function with step block in simulink


I´ve been using set_param -function with my simulations during the last days. However, now I can´t somehow use it with my step-function in order to set a new "final value" for the step-block between several simulations. Below you can see how I´ve defined the settings for the step-function:
As you can see, the Step-function is named as "Ref" and the parameter, that I would like to change between several simulations is named "reference".
Below you can see the top view of my simulink model:
In my matlab script I try to change the "reference" value inside the step-function as follows:
When the software comes to the "set_param" point, I get this error message:
Step block does not have a parameter named 'reference'
The set_param -function has worked several times for me, but now there´s a problem with step-function. What is wrong in my simulations?
Thank you for any kind of help!

Best Answer

Why do you think Reference is a parameter in a step bock. Like you see the parameters are
  1. Step time
  2. Initial value
  3. Final value
  4. Sample time
  5. ...
Even with those parameters you can't use set_param, to get the appropriate names of those parameters you can use
ans =
Time: [1x1 struct]
Before: [1x1 struct]
After: [1x1 struct]
SampleTime: [1x1 struct]
VectorParams1D: [1x1 struct]
ZeroCross: [1x1 struct]
For your case
set_param('filname/Ref','after', num2str(step_value))
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