MATLAB: How to solve “Parse error at METHODS: usage might be invalid MATLAB syntax.”? (MATLAB 2017b)

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Good day all.
I have an issue on running an application in App Designer as when I tried to simulate the designed app, the error occured:
Error using DRS
Error: File: DRS.mlapp Line: 94 Column: 5
Illegal use of reserved keyword "methods".
And when I put cursor on methods and it shows:
"Parse error at METHODS: usage might be invalid MATLAB syntax"
This problem occured when I tried to link the selections in drop-down menu to another three panels that have connection between it.
The code that I used is shown below:
% Value changed function: DropDown
function DropDownValueChanged(app, event)
value = app.DropDown.Value;
% Hide all the panels
app.PanelA.Visible = 'off';
app.PanelB.Visible = 'off';
app.PanelC.Visible = 'off';
%If Panel A is selected, show panel 1
if strcmp(value,'Panel A')
app.PanelA.Visible = 'on';
elseif strcmp(value,'Panel B')
app.PanelB.Visible = 'on';
elseif strcmp(value,'Panel C')
app.PanelC.Visible = 'on';
I have lost the direction, which part that I actually did wrong? May I ask the opinion from the community?
Thank you in advanced.

Best Answer

The error might pop-up due to no matching end for the method block created by you in the App Designer Code. You also can’t create one method block inside another method block. I suggest you to search your code for any such cases.
Hope this helps!