MATLAB: How to see resampled data after BOOTSTRAP in Matlab


I was trying to resample (with replacement) my database using 'bootstrap' in Matlab as follows:
D = load('Data.txt');
lead = D(:,1);
depth = D(:,2);
X = D(:,3);
Y = D(:,4);
%Bootstraping to resample 100 times
[resampling100,bootsam] = bootstrp(100,'corr',lead,depth);
%plottig the bootstraping result as histogram
... ... ...
... ... ...
Though the script written above is correct, I wonder how I would be able to see/load the resampled 100 datasets created through bootstrap? 'bootsam(:)' display the indices of the data/values selected for the bootstrap samples, but not the new sample values!! Isn't it funny that I'm creating fake data from my original data and I can't even see what is created behind the scene?!?
My second question: is it possible to resample the whole matrix (in this case, D) altogether without using any function? However, I know how to create random values from a vector data using 'unidrnd'.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Best Answer

For your first question, you can recover the bootstrap samples by: