MATLAB: How to remove the background/background noise from the images that comprise the video

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I have a video in which a cell moves along a channel…however, the background i.e. the channel is near the brightness of that of my cell, so when I convert the video into images of its frames, and turn them into grayscale images, I cannot isolate the cell from its background very clearly, though I can faintly see it move against the background.
I tried frame subtraction..after subtracting the first frame that does not contain the cell from the remaining, I still get a lot of background noise. *Thus, when I try locating the cell by trying to identify the maximum brightness spot, *I get the locations of different other points with the greater brightness than the cell.
Can you suggest what I can do?

Best Answer

You can get a fairly comprehensive overview of several of the main noise removal techniques here: The methods the web page discusses are generally thought of as the best, state of the art methods, from among thousands that have been invented and more that are invented every month.
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