MATLAB: How to read in a file in its bit representation

reading bits

Hi everyone,
I was wondering whether I can read in any file from disk in its binary representation, so in its representation of "0"s and "1"s as it is stored on my disk.
Although I thought this may be trivial, I can only find commands for reading in data itself stored in some given format.
Can anyone help?
All the best to you Matlab wizards, Florian

Best Answer

You can use fread() to read in a file as bytes. Of course each byte is comprised of 0's and 1's. There is no "bit" data class in MATLAB - the bytes is the smallest. If you want, you can extract each 0 or 1 from a byte into 8 byte array, such as an array of uint8 or char, but that' just increases the storage by a factor of 8, though you do get each 0 and 1 just by itself.