MATLAB: How to plot this implicit function?

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x and y satisfy this implicit function:
10000^x*cos(x*pi/2)+10000^y*cos(y*pi/2)=0 (This implicit function cannot be transferred into the form as y=f(x) )
And z =(1000.^x).*sin(x*pi/2)*(10e-6)+(1000.^y).*sin(y*pi/2)*(10e-6);
Now how to plot (x,z)? I just use ezplot to plot (x,y), but I cannot pick up the concrete values of (x,y).

Best Answer

Given x, calculate y from the relation
using MATLAB's fzero.
Then insert x and y in the relation
z =(1000.^x).*sin(x*pi/2)*(10e-6)+(1000.^y).*sin(y*pi/2)*(10e-6);
to calculate z.
Best wishes