MATLAB: How to make a graph that shows evolution of a variable in time through different depths in a lake.


Hi all, I saw this graph a lot in papers (like the image below), but I do not have any idea how to make it in Matlab. I want to show a lake's temperature evolution through time in different depths, like the graph I attached. I have a matrix: Z=3705×38 matrix which shows data from 38 depth levels during 3705 days (each column is data from a sensor deployed in the depth of the lake). Please consider that the depth intervals are not the same and I want to show that is lake. so as in the picture, the x axis should be the time, the y axis should be depth and the graph legend shows the temperature range. Your advice will help me tons

Best Answer

Just create a surface object.

d  =  is your depth (1x38)
t  =  is your time (1x3705)
Te  =  is your temperature (3705x38)

simple as that. I would consider first changing the time to a datetime or duration array.