MATLAB: How to let user enter student id and show the final marks

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Download the ENG1060studentmarks.txt file. The file contains the following information: 1. Column 1: Student ID 2. Column 2—11: Lab marks (/10) worth 2% each (20% total of final grade) 3. Column 12: Assignment mark (/10) worth 10% of the final grade 4. Column 13: Exam mark (/100) worth 70% of the final grade a) Write a function that accepts a student’s laboratory, assignment and exam marks as inputs to determine the final mark to the nearest integer and the letter grade of the student. Your function header would be similar to: function [final_mark, grade] = markscalc(lab, assignment, exam) Note: The letter grades should be stored as a `string’ and are described as follows: final_mark ≥ 80 70 ≤ final_mark < 80 60 ≤ final_mark < 70 50 ≤ final_mark < 60 final_mark < 50 → HD → D → C → P →F
Write an m-file that achieves the following: 1. Prompts the user to input a student’s ID number and extracts the individual assessment marks from the ENG1060studentmarks.txt file. 2. Use the function written in part a) to calculate the student’s final mark and letter grade. Hint: You may want to use logical statements or the find() command to determine the row of the ID number which was input by the user.

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You may refer to the following two functions and create the actual ones.
function y= get_marks(id)
% Gives the marks against the student id
load marks
y=[marks(pos,2) marks(pos,3) marks(pos,4)];
function [final_mark, grade]=markscale(input)
%calculates the total marks and grade
else grade='fail';
Here I have stored the marks in a mat file called 'marks' which has a variable 'marks' inside it. However, if you are using a text file you may read data using 'fscanf' function.
To generate a random matrix for marks I have used the following code.
marks(:,2)=randi([1 100],10,1);
marks(:,3)=randi([1 100],10,1);
marks(:,4)=randi([1 100],10,1);
Here the first column is student id and the rest three columns are the marks.