MATLAB: How to Get Index Values of an Image by imagesc

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Hi everyone,
I have a matrix that includes complex values. I am using imagesc to see the output. I can see the index values by using data cursor but How can I assign and get index values of that output ?
Thanks BR Hans

Best Answer

What is "the output" - is that the same as "matrix" or is it different? And imagesc doesn't work with complex images. Can you explain how you got it to work? Also I don't know what you mean by index. If you use impixelinfo you can see the x (column) and y (row) and the value (gray level). And there is also some funky colormap applied to the image, which you can retrieve. But I don't know which of these several numbers you call "index". Do you mean like the index into a colormap (i.e. the intensity value), or the linear index of the image (i.e. the pixel location), or something else. And I don't know what you want to do when you say you want to "assign" and "get" the indexes. Why do you need to both set and get these values (whatever they are)?
% Generate some sample complex image.
realPart = rand(300);
imaginaryPart = i * rand(300);
complexImage = realPart + imaginaryPart;
% Try to display complex image - won't work.
% imagesc(complexImage); % Does not work.
% Display the real part only.
% Set up where it will show x, y, and value in status line.
% Get the current colormap
cmap = colormap