MATLAB: How to find standard deviations within bimodal data

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I have a bimodal data set that looks something like this:
From this, I have been using the function fitgmdist to find the mixing porportions and means of the two peaks:
fit2 = fitgmdist(XM500,2)
fit2 =
Gaussian mixture distribution with 2 components in 1 dimensions
Component 1:
Mixing proportion: 0.418376
Mean: 0.4316
Component 2:
Mixing proportion: 0.581624
Mean: 0.2965
I can pull the amplitude of each peak from the data presented, but I would be unable to re-create the two curves without a standard deviation. Does anyone have experience in this and know how it may be possible?

Best Answer

will give you the covariance array which should just be variances if you have 1d data. The standard deviation can be calculated from this.