MATLAB: How to extract data from a cell array

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Hello, it's the first time that i use arrays and I have a series of 3×1 cell arrays, each of them has 3 cells vith a differet numbers of numerical data. I want to use for loop or while loop in order to ectract the three cells and convert them into different 3 vectors:
C={[2.24;2.28;2.31], [0.99;1.44;1.44;1.44;1.44;2.12;2.25;2.48;3.61], [1.86;1.89;1.89;1.89;1.89;1.89;1.89]};
for j=1:length(C)
at the end I should have:
x3= [1.86;1.89;1.89;1.89;1.89;1.89;1.89]

Best Answer

Already you have the cells in your desired way.
You can access them using C{1} , C{2}, C{3} .
You need to store them again into X1, X2, X3.
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