MATLAB: How to export a number of strings in a csv file

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Hello I am working on text analytics in matlabR2017b. Currently, I have a 25 data in csv format. After some preprocessing on these data, I have generated tokenizedDocument data.
disp(class(cleanData));% cleanData is tokenizedDocument type
Now I would like to export these data in a csv file along with the length of each document.I have read few posts regarding these exporting and I did not found any relevant post to export tokenizedDocument data to csv file. So I have tried to explore the opportunities of dlmwrite/csvwrite in my program. I have tried these as folloing:
cD=joinWords(cleanData);%to convert from tokenizedDocument to string
Now, would you please suggest me how to export these data along with the length of each string to a csv file?

Best Answer

dlmwrite just writes each cell with a new line