MATLAB: How to enable Matlab maps to show longitude and latitude labels


Below is my code for drawing a map. The problem is that it does not show the longitude and latitude labels,e.g., 20oE, 30oE, etc. How do I enable it?
landareas = shaperead('landareas.shp','UseGeoCoords',true);
ax=axesm ('robinson', 'Frame', 'on', 'Grid', 'on', 'Origin', [0, 180, 0]);
geoshow(landareas,'FaceColor',[0.85 0.85 0.85],'EdgeColor', 'none');
I tried the below and it did not work.
Thank you.

Best Answer

You need to set the label properties to on:
setm(ax, 'meridianlabel', 'on', 'parallellabel', 'on')