MATLAB: How to disp array


Hi everyone,
this is part of my code, I want to display LoadCase array (for example: HighWind).
LoadCase=input('Please specify the loading condition number (HighWind/HeavyIce/BrokenWire) ! ');
I don't know how;please help me.

Best Answer

I would use the inputdlg function instead. It’s easier, and doesn’t clutter the Command Window:
LoadCase=inputdlg('Please specify the loading condition number (HighWind/HeavyIce/BrokenWire) ! ');
LoadCase = str2num(LoadCase{:})
This asks for and then displays your ‘LoadCase’ variable. Remember that ‘LoadCase’ is a cell, so if the response is supposed to be a number, you need to convert it to a double as I did here with the str2num function.
If the response is expected to be a string and not a number, use this to convert it to a string:
LoadCase = char(LoadCase)
Cell arrays are extremely useful, but in most instances it is necessary to convert them into another variable type to use their elements.