MATLAB: How to disable table of contents and edit the language setting of a report in Simulink Report Generator 3.10 (R2011a)

Simulink Report Generator

I have a RPT file, which generates the title of the report's table of contents in a non-english language. How do I change the language of the title, or how can I disable generation of table of contents?

Best Answer

In order to change the language of the Report generated using Simulink Report Generator, please follow the steps :
1. Open your RPT file :
>> setedit MY_RPT_FILE_NAME.rpt
2. Right click on the report node, and send to workspace
3. Assign 'ans' to a variable:
>> rpt = ans
4. Set the language using the following command :
>> rpt.lang = "en"
With respect to disabling 'table of contents', in the stylesheets there is an option of printing the report with 'simple print', which disables the table of contents.
RTF (DSSSL Print) and Word Stylesheets
Simple Print - supresses title page, table of content and list of titles