MATLAB: How to devide a line passing through two points into equal segments

devidelineline segment

Hello, I have two points: (x1,y1) and (x2,y2). Now I want to devide the line passing through these two points into 'n' equal segments. Unfortunately the 'linspace' can just be applied to horizontal and vertical lines! Does anybody have an idea?

Best Answer

Coimbine linspace and interp1:
x = [1 5]; % Create Data

y = [3 1]; % Create Data
N = 3; % Number Of Segments
xi = linspace(x(1), x(2), N+1); % Interpolation Vector
yi = interp1(x, y, xi, 'linear'); % Find ‘yi’ For Each ‘xi’
plot(x, y, '-or')
hold on
plot(xi(2:end-1), yi(2:end-1), 'bp')
hold off
axis([0 6 0 4])