MATLAB: How to convert single cell value into an array


I have a double value of -35.14 saved as a vector of 8 elements uint8 type like this:
array = [90 62 162 85 148 146 65 192]
I can convert the vector into single-cell value using command:
J1=typecast(conf(1:8), 'double');
The result is single-cell value of -35.14, so the operation is correct. The problem occurs when I want to perform an inverse operation, which is to convert the value of -35.14 back into an array of 8 elements. The inverse operation seems to be command:
cast(J1, 'uint8')
Although it doesn't work at all the way I want it. I converts it only to another single-cell value of different type e.g. uint8 instead of 8-elements array.

Best Answer

cast(J1, 'uint8')
typecast(J1, 'uint8')