MATLAB: How to convert .mat file to .tif file


Hi all,
Is there any way to convert .mat file to .tif file? Since I had made some change in the grid cell and save as .mat file, I need to convert the .mat to .tif file for ArcGIS. However, I cannot find the effective way to convert this.
I highly appreciate your help and assistance.
Thanks, Pich

Best Answer

You have to load data from .mat into matlab and then convert it into .tif.
Let data be your matrix and xmin, xmax , ymin, ymax be minimum and maximum longitudes and latitudes respectively. You can convert this data into .tif file using:
% Write the data into geotiff
R = georasterref('RasterSize',size(data),'LatitudeLimits',[ymin,ymax],'LongitudeLimits',[xmin,xmax]);
%%Read geotiff file
[A, R] = geotiffread(tiffile);
mapshow(A, R);