MATLAB: How to convert a column date wich contains NaN


I hope you can help me to solve this doubt:
I have a column with number and NaN at the same time, lets say for example:
T= [199001021003.00;
The numbers are dates in the format yyyymmddHHMM and I want to convert those numbers into dates in Matlab format.
When I applied the next code:
D= datenum(num2str(T),'yyyymmddHHMM');
C= datestr(D,0);
It can´t recognize the NaN and therefore I have the next error:
"Error using datenum (line 179) DATENUM failed.
Caused by: Error using dtstr2dtnummx Failed on converting date string to date number"
How can I fix this and make Matlab doesn´t recogized the NaN and keeps giving the dates in Matlab format?
Thanks in advance!

Best Answer

You should remove the NaN entries first. DO this:
T(isnan(T)) = [];
D= datenum(num2str(T),'yyyymmddHHMM');
C= datestr(D,0);