MATLAB: How to clear “last warning”

"if warning" return

SHORT QUESTION: I would like to clear the value "lastwarn" in a nice way so that I can create loops.
BACKGROUND: I want to count the number of warnings " Matrix is singular to working precision." that Matlab generates. I have read But it does not say how to clear the last warning. Currently I am creating a new warning for this purpose (see the following code). Does anybody know a better solution?
vector_input=[0 1 0]';
vector_output= -100*ones(size(vector_input));
for k=1:size(vector_input,1)
% warning on MATLAB:nearlySingularMatrix;
vector_output(k)=inv( vector_input(k));
[msglast, msgidlast] = lastwarn;
if strcmp(msgidlast,'MATLAB:singularMatrix')
s = warning('off','all'); % turn display of all warnings off
warning('FineId','fine') % becomes the last warning
warning(s) % turn display of all warnings on

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