MATLAB: How to change the XTick of heatmap


when I run this code I have 192 months on the x-axis.
I want to show each year (Jan1971,Jan 1972,…Dec 1986) on the x axis. if I do:
I have this error:
Error using
The name 'XTick' is not an accessible property for an instance of class ''.
could you please help me to solve the problem.
tbl = readtable('heatmap.test.xlsx');
t1 = datetime(1971,1,1);t2 = datetime(1986,12,1);
t = t1:calmonths(1):t2;t= t(:);
xlabels = string(datestr(t,12));
ylabels = {'A' 'B' 'C' 'D'};
cdata = tbl{:,2:5};
h = heatmap(xlabels,ylabels,cdata');

Best Answer

I'm not sure what rule you were following to chose the x-ticks in your question (Jan1971,Jan 1972,...Dec 1986) but here's how to show every January. You can adapt the rule as needed.
t is your datetime vector
h is the handle to your heatmap object.
% Show every January
idx = month(t)==1; % index of datetime values to show as x tick
h.XDisplayLabels(~idx) = {''}; % replace rejected tick labels with empties